The Alpine Stone system has been appraised through BEAL labratories in Wellington

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Alpine Stone products are warranted for 15 years from purchase date, and covers the original purchaser. This warranty only covers Alpine Stone products used on structures which comply with all New Zealand District Council Codes and New Zealand building standards. The stone veneer must be maintained in accordance with with the maintenance section of the Alpine Stone Technical Manual.  Alpine Stone veneer must be installed in accordance with the Alpine Stone installation instructions by an approved installer. Should any Alpine Stone product prove to be defective, replacement materials will be provided free of charge under the terms of the warranty. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from: Settlement of the building or substrate movement, discolouration resulting from, weathering, staining, oxidation, steam cleaning, water blasting etc. contact with chemicals, paint or anything else that will damage Alpine Stone. This warranty only covers manufacturing defects in Alpine Stone products. No responsibility will be taken for labour costs incurred in the removal and replacement of defective product. Any repairs or alterations made after installation is not the responsibility of the installer or the manufacturer. This warranty is only valid if the “PRE-CLADDING INSTALLATION CHECK LIST” has been completed by the LBP holder and counter signed by Alpine Stone. This must be produced in the event of a claim.  A maintenance record must be kept.


The Alpine Stone veneer cladding should be regularly cleaned, at least annually, with a detergent wash. Do not high pressure wash. Inspections of the complete cladding surface must be carried out at least annually at the end of summer. Because of settling after construction, and the slow moisture-loss shrinkage of concrete slabs, it is recommended that six-monthly inspections be made for the first twelve months. Any cracks or damaged areas, including flashings and seals that have deteriorated, must be tended to immediately to ensure the integrity of the building envelope is maintained.  A record must be kept and produced if required.