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What is Stone Veneer NZ?

What is Stone Veneer NZ?

Stone Veneer NZ is an alternative to Traditional Stone Masonry and is rapidly increasing in popularity across New Zealand

Stone Veneer is seen as a Lighter Weight more Versatile Building Product then Conventional Natural Stone and Traditional Stone Masonry in New Zealand.

Stone Cladding is a more suitable solution for today’s modern building methods (i.e Timber, Lightweight Steel Framing and Concrete Tilt Panels) due to it’s lighter weight composition and ease of installation.

Using Stone Cladding is a much quicker and cost effective alternative to Traditional Stone Masonry, and can be added to any existing or new architectural designs, while adding a Distinctive Cultured and Elegant curb appeal to turn heads for years to come.

The Installation of our Modular Stone Veneer itself is completely straight forward, meaning most anyone is capable of installing our product, however we do offer our New Zealand Network of Professional Installers to complete your required work.

Schist Stone Veneer

Image: Example of Our Stone Cladding NZ, installed on an existing structure. Stone Veneer NZ

AlpineStone, Our Stone Veneer Cladding

Our AlpineStone Veneer comes in a range of distinct Stone Styles which you can view here. We have Cultured our Stone Veneer to match New Zealand’s Natural Stone looks.

Our Stone Cladding is offered in two physical variations.

Firstly, our AlpineStone ‘Z’ Modules; these modules are ‘Z’ shaped making for simple installation by even the most novice Do It Yourself (DIY) enthusiast. These Modules are used for our Ledgestone, Schist 90 & Schist 150 Stone Cladding.

Our second offering is our Individual Stone Modules, which are provided as individual different cultured stone pieces or modules. This system is not the most DIY friendly so we offer a Nationwide Network of Professional Stone Installers to complete any required work, our Stone Installers are available to install our ‘Z’ Modules too if you require.

Our Modular ‘Z’ Stone Panel form comes in a variety sizes, ranging up to 150mm High x 620mm Long. Our Modular design products include our Schist 90, Schist 150 and Ledgestone Veneers.

Our range in sizing, stone styles and modules means you can create a more customised design with minimal repetition to create a feature that has more depth and elegance than other Stone Cladding or Stone Veneers, once again adding to the distinctive and unique curb appeal achieved using our range of Stone Veneer Products.

Our New Zealand Stone Veneer is available Nationwide with a Network of Professional Stone Installers to ensure your project is completed perfectly. You can contact us by clicking here, this will take you to our product page where you can fill out an online inquiry or alternatively phone one of our regional offices.


Image: Our AlpineStone Stone Veneer Cladding ‘Z’ Modules.

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