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Railway Sleepers

Railway Sleepers

Thinking of adding something different to your garden this summer?
Have a look at our unique and rustic Concrete Railway Sleepers to revitalize and modernize any outdoor area.

Our Railway Sleepers retain a natural worn, wooden look, while offering a longer life more cost effective alternative to typical wood.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to integrating our rail sleepers into your outdoor project or design, more and more we are seeing how people have found new, trendy and contemporary ways to use our railway sleepers to achieve more unique and long lasting outdoor feature or design.


Image: Example of Our Rustic Concrete Railway Sleepers

Railway Sleepers are a very popular choice when it comes to edging Gardens and Driveways or putting up retaining walls. But the uses don’t stop there!

Get creative, our Railway Sleepers can be put to use as stairs, to make a raised garden bed “pop” or add a rustic look to a water feature to help achieve the garden of your dreams.

Generally Railway sleepers are a reclaimed or new wood product, with the reclaimed Railway Sleepers been the most sort after due to the pleasing aesthetics that the worn timber look brings.

We have been able to duplicate that rustic, worn and reclaimed look making our Concrete Railway Sleepers virtually indistinguishable to other wooden Railway Sleepers.

Having Railway Sleepers made of Concrete means they will be less susceptible to the ravages of time and New Zealand’s outdoor weather conditions, while offering a more cost effective customizable product that is easy to source.

As our customers uses for Railway Sleepers are becoming more individualized and complex we offer varying sizes to make customizing your project an easier task.


Image: Our Railway Sleepers used as seating.

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