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How to apply Alpine Stone Schist Veneer NZ

How to apply Alpine Stone Schist Veneer NZ

Alpine Stone Schist Cladding / Schist Veneer NZ is a lighter weight alternative to traditional masonry work.

Just about everybody loves the look of natural stone. But real stone is extremely heavy (you will need very strong foundations to hold the stone), expensive, and time consuming to build with.

Alpine Stones Schist NZ is a lighter weight manufactured stone / stone overlay, used as a wonderful alternative to traditional stone work.

Recent advances in the manufacturing process have improved both the quality and the appearance of manufactured stone, along with lowering the cost.

It can be used in just about any sort of building project – commercial / residential, new construction remodeling, interior / exterior, and landscaping.

Some of our stone veneer styles are delivered as individual stones, just as if you had purchased natural stone and the other styles are delivered in our unique ‘Z’ shaped modules (see products Ledgestone and Modular Schist).  The only difference to natural stone, is that stone features a flat back surface that simplifies installation.  And with a range of different styles we can help you find the right style for your project.

Schist Stone Veneer

Image: Example of Our Stone Cladding NZ, installed on an existing structure. Stone Veneer NZ

Our Schist Veneer is on average 50mm, it ranges from 35mm to 70mm and is dependent on stone style.

When it comes time to apply the Alpine Stone Schist Cladding System it is more commonly laid on to a vented drained fibre – cement substrate, over conventional timber or light steel framing.

We recommend and use BGC Stonesheet 7.5mm and 9mm, 9mm Sumner board or 9mm Eterpan. Please view Builders & Installers and Application Overview for full instructions.

Alpine Stone can also be used as a direct fix to unsealed, unpainted Masonry i.e bricks, block, concrete panels, so long as the surface is clean (free of form oil or other release agents)  and has not been painted, or treated in any way. And is sealed to ensure it is waterproof.

As part of the Alpine Stone process a penetrating sealer gets applied to the substrate before the standard sealer scratch coat gets applied.

If there is any question about the surface to be covered, please err on the side on caution and assume it does not meet the above criteria.

If you are certain that the above conditions apply, then no other surface preparation is needed apart from the required waterproofing sealer and scratch coat, before application of Schist NZ.

Prior to stone application the surface is sealed first, this can be done using a mix of adhesive concentrate (do not add water) and bagged mortar.

Approximately 50/50 by volume (500mls Mortar to 500mls Adhesive concentrate). You can then brush/roll this mixture on to the substrate.

When it comes time to install, Alpine Stone install is as fast as stone can get. Individual patterns i.e Blue StoneRiver StoneOtago Schist laid by a competent tradesman can exceed 4-5 Square meters a day.

Modular patters i.e Ledgestone ,Schist 90 ,Schist 150 can exceed this amount on most jobs, intricate work or work at heights with a lot of cutting or intricate details can however slow this.

However for most installations our installer are able to complete the job quickly with very little waste and mess.

You’ll be surprised how quick and easy it is!

If it’s something you would like to do yourself we are happy to supply you with any extra installation instructions you may require, however for weather tight installs that require council permits, an approved installer must be used.

If you have photos of stone projects you like, bring them in, we can try and help find a suitable option for you.


Image: Our AlpineStone Stone Veneer during and after install.