About Us:

Alpine Stone has been in the market place for over 16 years.

It is an established business that has expertise in a real looking stone overlay product.

The business has previously been manufacturing in Auckland and Wanaka and has completed a range of different applications with the stone overlay all around New Zealand.

The team here at Alpine Stone have a wealth of knowledge about our stone overlay products and are dedicated to sharing it with you.  From arranging the type of stone you want, freight, and the installer to install the stone, we can do it all for you.

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What is Alpine Stone?

Alpine Stone is our light-weight manufactured Stone Veneer. It has a maximum weight of 70kg/m2, making it suitable to be applied to most existing surfaces.

Alpine Stone is on average 55mm in thickness and replicates New Zealand’s natural stone look.

Our Alpine Stone veneer has been applied nation wide for many years by our network of professional installers.

Due to the light weight nature no special footings are required.

Our AlpineStone ‘Z’ Module Styles can be provided as a Do It Yourself (DIY) product however we provide Nationwide Network of Professional Stone Installers if required and for our Individual Stone Module Installation’s.

Our Alpine Stone veneer brick slips can be installed onto the following surfaces:

• BGC Stone Sheet 7.5mm and 9mm, Fiber Cement Sheets
• Sumner Board
• Eterpan Base 9mm Fiber Cement Sheets (Landscape and interior only)
• Brick – Landscape (please discuss with Alpine Stone for building exterior)
• Concrete or Masonry Block – Landscape (please discuss with Alpine Stone for building exterior)
• Alpine Stone Poly Columns
• AAC Aerated concrete panels – Landscape (please discuss with Alpine Stone for building exterior)


We have been privileged to be part of many exciting projects New Zealand wide.

Some notable Clients include; Countdown, McDonalds and Lone Star Restaurants Nationwide. We have also been privileged to install our product in a number of kiwi homes.

 ‘Z’ Modules VS Individual

Image: Image showing our Alpine Stone ‘Z’ Modules and our Individual Stone Modules